A Beautiful Embrace Called M Day Spa

The M Day Spa has emerged as a premier destination for luxuriating beauty and spa experiences. It combines essential beauty and med-spa treatments that leave you feeling relaxed and looking beautiful.

You can indulge in a range of customized facials, drift away in the realm of a soothing massage or get the body you want with aesthetic treatments such as natural face lifts, age reversal peels, eyelash extensions or body sculpting.

The services are rendered by skilled skin therapists, expert body care specialists, professional aestheticians and trained makeup artists and are stamped with a unique M Day Spa style. The products, ingredients and techniques are always latest, top-quality and designed to deliver maximum results possible.


You can even arrange a consultation with the experienced and knowledgeable owner, Marcelle or other professional staff to discuss your health and beauty goals vis-a-vis the treatment you have in mind. The unique care and bespoke services will ensure that you always get the results you want!

The prices at Themdayspa.com remain reasonable for the area and quality of treatments. Attractive promotional offers and packages are always on. The spa even provides free parking facility at all times.

So, why not pamper your skin with the tremendous rejuvenation of a Green herbal peel, succumb to the cellulite-free body courtesy LPG Endermologie body treatment or just revel in the respite of a Lux Massage? You will not be able to resist coming back over and over!


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